Friday, May 10, 2013

5 Things I learned about email-marketers

1. Last chance is never a last chance.
This one time I searched my Gmail folder where I kept all the marketing emails I got for “Last chance” or “You must upgrade by midnight”, I was surprised to see repeating emails. So never take those emails seriously, in fact this attitude shows that they are missing their monthly or quarterly sale target. So you could call their customer support and get a good bargain.

2. N% off is most likely N% more the price you can get elsewhere.
Whenever you see the price for something that says that it is after some percentage off, they are not basing their information on the right List price of that product. They are making up a “List price”. Always search for the same product through either the part-number or short-description on other websites and search engines.

3. Unsubscribe sometimes results into more emails from different vendors.
I have always wondered why I am getting emails from a company who want to sell me the prescription medicines for cheap, who gave them my email address. Until I read in a PCMag article that many small businesses; when they learn that you are cutting them loose, they still keep a list of people like you including your email address, name and other information and sell them out. The article suggested to “block” future emails from that business than unsubscribe. Unsubscribing actually lets them know that your email is a legit email which is checked frequently.

4. Offer that is only for you is sometimes not true.
Sometimes those small business owners who are desperately trying to reach their sales goals without having to invest money on billboards and TV ads. They not only lower the price, but to make it sound even better, they tell you that this offer is only for you and everybody else is having to pay the actual price.

5. Never fall for Message from CEO
Do you think a legitimate business’ CEO would have nothing better to do than emailing you to sell a thirty-dollar membership ? To have some fun, call that business and tell them you are replying CEO’s email through phone and you need to speak with him about membership. Tell them you cannot speak with anybody else.

I would love to hear your comments in the comment box below.


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